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thinkClipse is a Graphical Frontend for Think as a plugin for the IDE Eclipse.

You can follow this tutorial : and/or follow the one below


thinkClipse plugin is supported for Eclipse SDK 3.2.x, 3.3.x, 3.4.x

No other plugin is required.


The simpliest way is to use the Eclipse update site system (help>find and install or help>software Udpates) with this URL:
and then follow eclipse instructions

Think project creation

on the main menu :
File > New > Other ...
and select Fractal wizards > New fractal project.

New fractal project selection

Then enter a name for your project.

Project name

The result looks like this :

project in explorer

Simple project import

First, right clic on the src folder, then clic on import...
Select General > File system

import file system

Then, select sources you need:

import file system

Beware that import of Jar sources don't work !

GUI generation

To see the architecture of your think project, you have to generate it before.
Right clic on the project and select "refresh project from adl".
A wizard will pop, the first page scan the adl in the project.

GUI generation page1

The 2nd page parse the adl :

GUI generation page1

The 3rd page creates the gui files, to generate those files clic on the button "translate adl to gui" :

GUI generation page1

Now you can close the window. If any errors appeared during this generation, you can check "adlToGui.log" file at the root of the project.
Generation is finished, you can double clic on an adl file to visualise it!

Advanced project import : about the components paths

the example before may be too simple because you need to have all your sources at the same path level.

import sources into a new folder

The first thing to do is to create a new folder in your project.
File > New > Folder
Then import sources as we did in "simple project import"
import result

Now you need to configure source paths :
right clic on project > configure fractal components path
You should have a pop up like this :

import result

You can add the folder you've just created to the components paths.
After that, don't forget to refresh the GUI

import sources from svn

First, get the subclipse plugin via the Eclipse update site system.
Then, checkOut the sources you need:
don't forget to chose "Check out as a project configured using the New project Wizard"

import result

You now have to chose fractal project for the checkout :

fractal project

You should have a project like that :

result explorer

Then configure your components paths like the point before and generate the GUI if you like.

link source project to another

In the last example, we saw how to create a project of sources from SVN.This project may be used for many other projects (to avoid to import the same sources for each project).
It is possible to link a project to another:
step 1:
Make sure that components paths of your source project are correctly configured
step 2:
right clic on the project that need sources > Configure fractal components path, then add the source project you want to link:

kortex link

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