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  • java (1.5 or higher)(eg. openjdk, gcj or sun-java)
  • C compiler (eg. gcc)
  • ant (apache ant)

Nuptse download and quickstart

Download one of the following zip file and unzip its content in a directory:

  • Nuptse stable release (24-09-2009 release 7221): all features from this release should be documented and the labs should work fine.
  • Nuptse unstable release : this release is daily updated from the svn repository, all features might neither work fine, neither be well documented.
$ unzip 

This will create a subdirectory nuptse. Simply go in nuptse/example/simple and run :

$ ant
     [java] Extracting external sources '../../libs/fractal-c.jar'... Done.
     [java] Extracting external sources '../../libs/think.jar'... Done.
     [java] [basic-factory] Load ADL 'helloWorld'...
     [java] PROPERTIES
     [java] [basic-factory] Load ADL 'helloWorld' done (813 ms)
     [java] [basic-factory] Tasks executed sucessfully (5480 ms)

Total time: 11 seconds

This will build a helloworld targeting the unix platform. Run it by using:

$ ./build/obj_unix/helloWorld
(0,2) Hello World !!!
(0,0) Welcome to the magical world of the Think Framework

Kortex download and quickstart

Download Kortex ZIP file and unzip its content in a directory:

$ unzip 

This will create a subdirectory kortex. Simply set the KORTEX_PATH environment variable to point to kortex/src

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